8. října 2014 v 19:17 |  Still opened book

Honey, I miss you. I wanna be with you. But not like that. I know we don't have a time. You don't! I would to do everything for give you time. Even just little bit. I would sacrifice mine. I want to give you mine! I don't need it. I don't want it. For you it's better. You can do more important things than me. This is not fair. But what can I do? I don't know what I will do when you will not be here. I'm scared I'll follow you. I just wanna be with you. No matter what. And no just because of you. Yes, you are the most important reason, but I know Nyx will be there too. No matter what I've done, she is still here for me. Like you! So why this is happening? Just tell me, cause I do not get it! I'm scared, please.... Make it better, you can do everything. I'm praying to Nyx, because I'm confused. And sometimes hysteric. Sometimes I'm crying. Sometimes I'm prayng. But you know that. I told you. And I'm telling you everything and that's it. You don't tell me anything. I have to ask and most of times you still don't answerd. I have to go I'm sorry. But just say and I'll be there for you. Bye me cursed epic love

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