8. října 2014 v 19:14 |  Still opened book
I warned you.But you didn't listen.Now it's too late.Your hope is gone.Everything what can you do it's juist die. So why are you so scared? I know why. Cause you want to live. No matter what. It's humanidy. It's weakness. I know you think it's good that this is happening.I know you know that. But you still keep fighting. I don't get it. For your son? Do you really thing this is good life for him? But what can you do? Kill him! Kill him too.... I know that's hard, but doesn't it better than suffer in this world? The world, where some kind of people eats the another kind? Doesn't it unnatural? Abnormal? And you still want to live here? You have to fight all time for your survive. Aren't you tired of it? So tell me just one more reason why. Cause you are enjoyng this life? Please be honest. You can to me. I know you are scared, but so am I. And you knew that. You know I'm still here like you. I am such of coward. But I want to change. AND I WILL. I PROMISE!!!!!!!

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