8. října 2014 v 19:10 |  Still opened book
Let him die. He wants it. Stop fighting. It's so hard and pointless. I'm begging you, let him go. You are so selfish. You are forcing him suffering for you. Remember it. I know that's hard, but you have to do this, do it for him! You love him, right? If you love him, you have to let him go. Even so... you can't be with him. Never again. And this? He's just suffering. It was his choice. He sucrificed for you. YOU supposed to lie there and dying. I see you wish to be there, but he changed yours destiny. For you, so let him go. And don't go for him, he wouldn't want to make you this. If you'll do that, he will die pointless. You have to live better life than ever, for him. Find new love and make a few children. Be happy again and I know that's so hard, but do it for him. There's only one thing, what can you do for him... and that's it don't forget on him. NEVER. Sometimes, you can talk to him, he will listen everything. He will watching you and he will take care of you, but in heaven not here. So go for him, now... he needs you. Be with him, until you can. Tell him how much you love him and tell him you will never forget on him. Tell him how much he changed your life. So go tell him. And say him goodbye for me.

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